Club Rules

Corio Bay Camera Club is an Incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Incorporation No: A0004714F).

The purposes of the Club are:

  1. To advance the art of photography, embracing all photographic mediums at all levels of skill
  2. To encourage, support, promote and assist in the making of photographs by members of the Club.
  3. To conduct, on a regular basis, photographic competitions between members of the Club and between the Club and other like minded bodies.
  4. To conduct and/or participate in exhibitions of members photography for the wider community
  5. To collect, collate and distribute information on photography to members of the Club and the wider community.
  6. To conduct lectures, presentations and workshops on photography and associated subjects.
  7. To provide a welcoming environment where members of the Club and visitors can socialise and improve their photographic skills

The Club and its members are required to comply with its Rules of Association that have been approved by a General Meeting of its members. The Club’s Statement of Purposes (above) form part of these Rules. A copy of the Rules are available to members on request.